Private Equity

We provide structuring and organization of new funds for our clients. We are the experienced partner you need to bring value to your operating structure and funds right from the moment our funding begins until you exit the market. Our team of experienced professionals are always on hand to support our clients in a top to bottom administration of our services throughout the life cycle of the fund. With our years of experience in structuring and organizing private equity, we are able to identify and provide solutions to some common challenges our clients may encounter as well as issues unique to their own funds all in a timely manner to ensure the success of all your transactions.

We help with the setup of new funds for our clients by assisting of migration or establishment of a funds legal entities, coordinate the activities of tax advisors and legal teams plus investors and auditors, give objective advice on best practices and procedures according to industry guidelines, opening of new accounts, supporting the due diligence process of investors and compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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We also guide our clients in structuring and execution of institutional and management led buyouts where you can acquire a controlling interest in an organization as an institutional investor. We help you identify firms with unused debt capacity that are cash generative but are underperforming in their industries and ripe for buyouts. We can either guide you on the acquisition of a private equity firm in a cooperative or hostile takeover and give advice on company issues like whether or not you should hire new management staff or retain existing ones and advise as you take charge of creating new structures in after the buyout. Or we can also give steer on how best to execute a management buyout where members of a management team act by pooling resources in a combination of equity and debt to acquire part of a firm they manage or buyout the owners stake in the company. We also advise and guide public to private equity fundraising where our clients can raise money through a private party as a public company instead of using the public stock exchange as you will be able to accomplish this in a shorter time and be faced with fewer regulatory issues than what you would have faced with a stock offering.

We also provide exit strategies for private equity firms who wish to offload their investments and leave after making some profit usually within 5-7 years through IPOs and trade sales. We can help you make a public offer and sell off your own shares or sell your stake to another private equity firm interested in the business.

Our areas of expertise in private equity include traditional private equity, alternative asset funds like real estate, oil and gas and infrastructure as well as hedge funds

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