Bank Instruments and Securities
Easier investments with bank Instruments and securities
We ensure that we follow the process from when the order is executed on the stock market until it is properly liquidated and deposited into your account. This means our clients are freed up to take the crucial decisions about which investments to make while we handle the post trade process.
We offer:

To achieve their financial goals on asset management questions;

To invest in products (e.g fixed income, equity, mutual funds, real estate, and commodities amongst others);

To make the most out of your investments

Mitigate the risks involved in making investments applying our knowledge

We represent our clients in the clearing and settlement or exchange of all information for a securities and instruments transaction between two parties.
We also:

Handle the settlement of the securities into both the buyers account and the settlement of cash into the seller’s account;

Ensure that tax claims pertaining to cross border securities are taken care of according to due processes;

Lend focus to post trade services guided by your business goals so we make it easy for you to access and move your assets so they can meet your business needs.

Our professionals team is available to help you identify the kinds of bank instruments that you may not know about but can be quite instrumental in helping you get a deal or project funded. With our help you can monetize your bank instruments or use them as collateral in exchange for credit thus helping you raise cash equity for running your business.

We serve as an intermediary between our clients and the direct bank instruments provider to help you procure the best deals at the right time either on purchase or lease at a minimal cost. We hold our team to the highest moral and ethical standards so you can be assured we handle your business as transparently as possible and on time.
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