Proof of Funds
Overcome complicated business deals with proof of funds
We provide proof of funds (POF) documents for our clients to help them demonstrate to a business partner or seller of goods that they have the financial capacity and funds required to pay for a transaction. We may make this available either as a security statement, a custody statement or as a bank statement.

Proof of funds we offer

Proof of funds for immigration

This document may also be required for immigration purposes to show the country you intend on settling in or traveling to that you have the right amount of funds to support yourself and your family while you reside in their country. The money your proof of funds shows you have available must be yours and you should be able to use it anytime when you need. We make a verifiable account in your name with the required funds in them that shows you can indeed access these funds

Proof of funds for home purchase

This kind of proof of funds assures the seller of a house or piece of property that you have the money required to purchase a house. We provide proof of funds for home payments so the seller can be certain you are able to complete payments and finalize the transaction.

Proof of funds letter

This kind of proof of funds is required by a bank and is used to verify that you do have the funds you claim to have. This can help you increase your financial standing a leg up or give you more time to process a transaction.
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