Loans and Credit Facilities
Ensure your business stability with loans
We provide structured cross border facilities to cover and mitigate currency and political risks and other potential crises that arise from trading with different countries and locations outside your home jurisdiction. We enable our clients to gain access to the credit facilities and loans they need to run their businesses. We also give the necessary advice on how to go about acquiring the best services you need.
Some of our financing facilities include:

Giving discounts on commercial papers by participation in syndicated facilities or through direct discounting.

Advising, opening, refinancing and confirmation of letters of credit.

Advising on differences between the laws and practices of your home jurisdictions and that of other countries

Issuing guarantees

We help you gain access to loans such as: committed facilities, retail credit accounts, revolving credit, term loans or letters of credit in addition. You can expand your organization’s operations with the aid of a business loan and get new projects as we help you with the information and documents you need to get allocated funds and facilities that help you carry out your urgent short term and long-term projects.

With the help of our experts, you can secure a loan to keep your business afloat or if you prefer a credit facility, we can help guide you in the process of acquiring one.

You are granted a flexible time period for you to pay back based on the credit situation of your business and your history of paying off loans in the past. The lender agrees with you on a suitable repayment date, interest rates, loan maturity, minimum amounts for payments and payment dates if it is a revolving loan. Both parties also determine the payment terms and conditions and the default penalties while addressing legal provisions as well.
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