Bank Proof of Funds
Bank proof of funds for a smoother business

We provide bank proof of funds that irrevocably confirm that our clients have available funds by SWIFT from major banks. We readily provide amounts between $10 million and $500 million US dollars but for an arrangement will be required to get larger amounts.

We are able to provide proof of funds for our clients that enhance your credit in situations where you need to show a seller or government agency that you possess the required funds for
a transaction.

These funds are available in an account that has you listed as the account owner for a reasonable period of time. The money is available and seasoned for up to 6 months, you get access to the paperwork of the account after a few business days to allow for processing, and your name and signature are attached to the account. This account also attracts a rate of a certain percentage per month.

You may be required to show a proof of funds document at the start of a business relationship with a person or entity you have had no prior dealings with to assure them that you are able to pay the amount due for the transaction in full. This helps put the sellers mind at rest so they feel more comfortable doing business with you.

We also provide


Bank proof of payments for investment purposes

This document shows you have the required capital necessary for an investment to verify that only serious parties submit offers for a transaction especially when it comes to offers on large projects. This ensures only serious offers are submitted and valuable time is not wasted sorting through offers that do not meet a firms requirements.
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