Project finance

Our project finance services include structuring privatizations, none recourse and limited recourse finance transactions.  We assist our clients with the information and documents they to need to get funding for their long term industrial, infrastructure or public service projects using a limited recourse or non-recourse finance transaction.  When the project is completed, the money generated by the project can then be used to pay back the debt and equity that was used in financing the project.

With the help of our team, you can get the funding you need to complete ongoing projects or even establish new projects that will help you take your business to the next level of success. We are able to assist our clients with the documents they need for non-recourse financing, where the lender recourse is greatly limited to only the projects assets in the event that you default on payment whereas in recourse financing the lender could have a full claim to your  cash flow or assets. We are also able to help our clients keep their project financing and liabilities off their balance sheet so that any debts incurred during the project will not be consolidated into the firms’ balance sheet.

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We have very talented staff who are experienced in project finance that is flexible and made to suit your firms needs, they can be improved upon as your project grows. With our years of experience dealing  with many kinds of lenders, we keep you duly informed through all stages of the project.

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals have a depth of knowledge on project finance issues and dealing with a variety of types of lenders including commercial lenders. We offer custom services specifically suited to your unique needs which can also be modified as your needs change. We are able to work with you at any stage of your projects lifecycle in whatever market you choose. We recognise the importance of well executed project financing so we take great care to handle and coordinate each stage from waivers, consents and making sure that requests for information are honoured on time.

We provide the following and more to our clients:

  • Communicating reports and financial information over to your syndicate on time
  • Processing of rates and roll over resets
  • Draw downs, interest funds and lender assignments
  • Legal and compliance documentation

We do not work with limited players in the project finance marketplace rather we spread our scope over multiple players who represent decision makers from sponsors, projects developers, decision makers and local and international investors who actively participate in infrastructure spaces.

The world of finance has ever evolving laws and regulations which can make it challenging for all the parties involved in financing a project to comply with the difficult and complex government regulatory requirements. Establishing a strong partnership with us greatly helps our clients streamline these issues as we are experts a navigating these discrepancies between the private and public sectors globally. This makes the process of project finance much more simple and easier for you.

Some of our project finance transaction services include:

  • Inter creditor agency
  • Facility agency
  • Security agency, collateral agency and security trustee

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