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Our team of experts are knowledgeable in various ways of making our clients business more creditworthy which greatly reduces the cost of borrowing. When your business or organization is deemed to be very creditworthy, you are more likely to get lower interest rates on loans and have more avenues of borrowing money open up for you. Our credit enhancement services are great for borrowers and project developers whose accounts may not have as much funds or credit rating as they need to secure financing from capital markets or commercial banks. We are able to provide a solution to our clients with such problems by arranging a credit enhancement from a financial institution. This services offers you a quick and inexpensive way of boosting your financial profile, buy time with transactions or show that you have healthy reserves.

We create an account in your name in a top rated bank with the amount of money you need deposited into this account where it will remain for the required amount of time. These balances can be verified by yourself or a banker at any given time. Many large investment projects will require you to have sufficient capital so we are able to create and place structured credit enhancement products and other targeted risk enhancement products to provide the capital solutions our clients need.

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For firms facing some financial difficulties who may have weak profit and loss, balance sheets and cash flow accounts, it may be quite difficult to get funding even though your company has potential to grow and become a leader in your industry when the right funding opportunities are made available. We have been in the business of providing credit enhancement services for a number of years and our group of experts know the right methods to employ and convince your lenders that your firm can repay the loan you take out when it matures

Some of the mechanisms we use to increase our clients credit worthiness include:

Surety bonds – where an insurance company backs up our client and promises to reimburse any losses made on the asset backed securities.

Letters of credit – here a bank promises to pay the lender any shortfalls on the borrowed amount on your behalf.

Wrapped securities – where a third party agrees to pay back some amount of the borrowed funds if you default payments.

Standby letters of credit – a bank guarantees that they will pay back the loan amount on your behalf at the end of the contract if you are unable to make the full repayments.

Insurance backed guarantees – this raises the lenders confidence in your ability to pay back even if the business closes. Your insurer will take on the costs of repaying the loan you took out.

Cash collateral accounts – these accounts are used to secure a loan. They are in your name and deposits can be made unto the account periodically however you will not be able to draw on it like you would with a checking account. The account purely serves as collateral for your loan.

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