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We provide our client with bank guarantees to ensure you can get a loan. This letter guarantees the lender than that if you are unable to pay back the loan, the bank will undertake the liabilities and pay on your behalf. This letter is not limited to taking loans but it can also be used to buy goods or mechanical equipment. It works by letting you buy a product or service you otherwise could not afford to so it is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking to grow their business. It could be instrumental in the purchase of equipment that can be used to generate more income and boost the development of your business. However, if you are unable to pay back the amount borrowed after the agreed time for whatever reasons, the bank will undertake to cover the loss on your behalf.

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There are many kinds of bank guarantees available to you including the two most popular kinds the direct and indirect kinds of bank guarantee. With the direct bank guarantees, the beneficiary is directly issued the guarantee. We provide this form of bank guarantee that can be applied where the banks security is not dependent on the validity, enforceability and existence of the of the main obligation of the debt. Direct bank guarantees are mostly used in domestic as well as international transactions. Our indirect bank guarantees, are more popular with clients who need them for cross border and international transactions as they are quite easy to adapt to the legal systems and practices of foreign countries because they do not have form requirements. Indirect bank guarantees greatly favors those in the export business who often trade with public entities and government agencies. In many countries, foreign guarantors and banks are hardly accepted due to legal constraints but with an indirect bank guarantee, you can trade seamlessly with foreign partners as an indigenous bank or a bank with an office in the country of the beneficiary is used as a guarantee.

The kinds of bank guarantee available are:

  • Advance payment guarantees – this bank guarantee which is collateral for reimbursing an advance payment the bank makes on behalf of you if the seller fails to tender the goods or service agreed upon by both parties in the contact.
  • Payment guarantee – with this bank guarantee, you can reassure the seller or the person issuing a loan that the funds will be paid on a date set and agreed upon by both parties.
  • Rental guarantee – this form of guarantee can be used as a form of collateral for payments on rental agreements like homes or cars.
  • Credit security bond – this kind of bank guarantee can be used as collateral when taking a loan.
  • Warranty bond – the warranty bond is used as collateral when you order goods. This bond will ensure that the goods are delivered as ordered before payments are transferred.
  • Confirmed payment order – this form of bank guarantee serves as an irrevocable obligation on the bank to pay the beneficiary by a specified date on your behalf.
  • Performance bond – this kind of bank guarantee is a collateral for the costs you incur if the goods and services to be delivered as agreed in the contract are never delivered.

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